Redo You Woman's Conferencce
Redo You Women's Conferencce
Redo You Women's Conference
Redo You Women's Conferencce

Struggling with Weight Loss?

Discover how to lose the weight without being on a “diet” and keep it off.

Next Conference on the 20 Aug in Vryheid?

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Goal of the Redo You Women’s Conference

The goal of the Women’s Conference is to inspire, motivate and teach women how to overcome the constant battle of weight loss and in the process rediscover the strength that lies within each woman to change anything you face in life.

weight loss

Do you ask yourself the following?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above

Then make sure not to miss the Women’s Redo You Conference where we will inspire, motivate and teach you to overcome those weight loss battles.

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12 week Body Transformation Challenge

Below is some ladies that committed to a 12 week body make over program. Each has their own individual journey.

Charmaine Before and after

It took Charmaine 12 weeks to loose weight and transform her body

Bernadette Before and after

Bernadette wanted to add more muscle to her body and really tone her bum area and so she did in 11 weeks

Lezane Before and after

Lezane started her journey a year ago and she lost 8kg and went from a size 42 to a size 34 by only changing her eating habits and her mindset

Isobel Before and after

Isobel wanted to challenge herself mentally and physically. She decided to do a fitness bikini competition and transformed herself completely.

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